Photo 1 Class
Description of Class:  Get your camera off the auto settings and learn what's
really happening inside your camera. Photo 1 teaches you how to manually
set exposure on your camera and why it is necessary. Learn about f-stops,
shutter speeds, and ISO's in order to set your camera properly for correct
exposure. Then learn things relating to exposure: such as, depth of field,
motion, and histogram. Learn exposure equivalents and how to determine the
best fstop/shutter speed/ISO combination for a given situation. Different "rule
of thumbs" are discussed concerning exposure and camera settings. Proper
camera handling techniques, lens choices, and flash photography are
touched on. Assignments are given and reviewed to help in the learning
process. This is a serious photography class for people with digital slr

Next Class begins:  August 7th thru October 2nd
Class will meet once a week for eight weeks from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Classes will be held at Chrietzberg Photography Studio, 502 West Bridge St.,
Wetumpka, AL 36092

Cost of class is $199.00 (due on the first night of the class)

Photo 2
Description of Class: Creativity, Leading Lines, rule of thirds, golden mean are
some of the things we discuss. Students have photo assignments which will be
critiqued in class.

Begins : TBA
Seven sessions  for $199

Photoshop Class
Description of Class: Learn basic photoshop skills. Discusion of photoshop
tools as used by photographers. Practice with the tools and what the tools do.
Lessons will include working on images together in class. Laptop computer
with Photoshop CS or greater is required. Preferable for student to have gone
thru photo 1 in order to understand some of the things actually happening in

Begins : TBA
ix sessions  for $199
Senior Portraits
Photo Classes
Periodically, we teach photography classes at our studio. Here is a description of what is offered.
Check back to see when the next classes will begin.  
Call 567-5381 to enroll and to reserve your